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Power Words - 1G

at                                                               he                                                 that                                                

you                                                            of                                                  will

they                                                           we                                                do

look                                                           at                                                  little                                               

get                                                            here                                              the

this                                                           on                                                  with

lots                                                           went                                              down

for                                                            be                                                  live

all                                                            I                                                      there

go                                                           one                                                 yes

love                                                        what

to                                                           big                                                        

am                                                         in

had                                                       said

me                                                        where

up                                                         can

an                                                         is

has                                                       see

my                                                        who

want                                                     can

and                                                       it

have                                                    she

no                                                        why

was                                                      come

are                                                       like