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Sub Plans

These will also be in google classroom. If the assignment is not a NEARPOD lesson then the student will need to turn it in through google classroom. Students have instructions on how to do that written in their math notebooks. 

Math Substitute Plans: 

These plans are for multiple days so make sure you click on the correct one for the day that is needed. If for some reason you are unable to open these and complete the work from this link they are also in google classroom so you can access it through there. ONCE you open the slides presentation click file in the top left corner and scroll down to “make a copy.” Then put the student’s name in the title of the document. Complete the work and then upload your assignment into Google Classroom and click turn in. 

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:



Day 1: Readworks article. It is also listed in Google Classroom so students can complete it through Kami.

It will give the students an option to enter a code...the codes are below...please make sure you enter the correct code for the lesson you are needing to complete. 

Day 2: ITLVO then complete the lesson with the code of XURLY

Day 3: EZODW

Day 4: RJOVB then complete the lesson with the code of CQZAF