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Social Studies Weekly Lessons

Please follow these steps for weekly Social Studies Online lessons to complete before each Zoom meeting every Monday at 10:45. Make sure the questions and answers are written and remind your student to restate part of their question in each answer as well as use Thinking Maps (website for these under Educational Resources on my page) if they feel they need to. They know how to use each one and what each one is used for, but may need a quick reminder.😊

Go to:

  2. home learning 
  3. 3-5 learning resources 
  4. Social Studies Weekly
  5. username is and password is 1234
  6. Scroll down and click on week#20 “Becoming a State” and complete activity/reading/questions for next Zoom meeting at 10:45 on Monday, May 4th
  7. Remember to have them complete 45 minutes weekly in iReady Reading by each Friday before next zoom meetings as well. 😊