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What's Our Main Focus?




Social Studies

  • AR – Read 4 AR books each week and take an AR quiz for each book, scoring an 85% or above on each quiz

  • iReady Reading Weekly Lessons: Your child must complete 45 minutes each week with an average score of 80% or above.

  • iReady Ready Vocabulary:

  1. 1 Level C

  2. 2 Level C

Guidebooks 3.0: 

Unit 1: “The Stories Julian Tells

  1. “The Bee Tree“ Lessons 1-4

  2. “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” Lessons 5-8

  • Thinking Maps- Flow Map
  • R.A.C.E Writing – Restating the question and answering

  • Subjects and Predicates

  • Statements and Questions

  • Commands and Exclamations

  • Subordinating Conjunctions

Unit 1: Topic One- A Place Called Louisiana