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What's Our Main Focus?

The Louisiana Purchase is our MAIN focus right now in BOTH Reading and Social Studies. We have been using timelines, thinking maps, map skills, and reading mainly Informational Texts/Non-Fiction Texts about it. Please allow your child to “Google” this topic to read or check out library books based on the Louisiana Purchase. After they have read aloud to you, read to themselves, or you have shared the reading with them, please have them choose a thinking map to complete with the text. I have listed a website for thinking maps under the “Educational Sites” tab. They are amazing tools to help your child not only comprehend and remember what they have read, but also guide them in writing about it, too! :) Have them write about it every time they complete a text or book. It truly helps. :) Your child is familiar with each thinking map and would love to “teach” you about this new innovative way of retell and writing. :) 


Adding in some fun, fictional texts that they enjoy and using a thinking map with it wil also be helpful. If you are able to let them check out books at the library, remind them to choose AR so when they get back, they can test on them and get those points they enjoy. :) They can make a list of each AR book to bring back to school. Please also don’t hesitate to allow them to bring their own books or public library books to school to AR test on when we return. :)

Use this online site to Read! Read! Read! :)